Gwent: The Witcher Card Game designed and developed by CD Projekt RED, with multiplayer and account system powered by GOG Galaxy developed by


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    We are CD PROJEKT and GOG, sister companies that together created GWENT: THE WITCHER CARD GAME. By the way, we’re both based in Poland (ul. Jagiellońska 74, 03-301 Warsaw). Let us briefly tell you who we will be responsible for what: CD PROJEKT will be responsible for your game-related personal data in GWENT. GOG will be responsible for data connected with your use of GOG Galaxy - multiplayer and account system powering GWENT - or platform. CD PROJEKT will process personal data that you give us (i.e. by registering to the game) and some basic data about how you play GWENT. We will use this data only for reasons connected with GWENT — i.e. to allow you to play and enjoy the game, or to be able to provide you with technical support when needed. If you qualify for GWENT Masters (fingers crossed!), we will use your data to let you participate in the competition. If you click that you want to receive marketing communication, we may send you some information about new CD PROJEKT games & services. You may withdraw your consent anytime you like. GOG will process personal data you provide directly, and data connected with your use of GOG Galaxy multiplayer and account system. We do it to allow you to create an account in GWENT and enjoy the multiplayer functionality, online features and in-game purchases. We may also process your data to provide you with other features that are part of the GOG.comexperience like purchasing games and sharing your activities on user profile. We respect your privacy rights i.e. the right to access, correct and delete information about you or the right to limit processing only to certain operations. You may also ask us to transfer your data or tell us you do not want us to process it at all. More details may be found in our Privacy Notices: GWENT (CD PROJEKT) Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy.